Justice Ministry: Nearly 500 People Carry Electronic Bracelets in Azerbaijan

Baku / 22.11.18 / Turan: After the publication of the decree of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev on the humanization of punishment and the use of alternative punishments on February 10, 2017, major changes took place in the judiciary. This was stated by Justice Minister Fikret Mammadov in an interview with the newspaper Azerbaijan.

The Criminal Code was amended, a number of acts were decriminalized, almost 5,700 prisoners were sentenced, and up to 1,700 people were released.

The number of those arrested decreased by 25%, and the courts reduced the number of verdicts causing imprisonment.

The Probation Service has been created at the Ministry of Justice and a new type of punishment has been defined to restrict freedom by using electronic means of control. Local production devices are used in this service, the Minister said.

An electronic monitoring center has been set up at the Probation Service, which makes it possible to constantly monitor prisoners. Currently, electronic bracelets are used on almost 500 people, Mammadov said. -02D-

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