Media Review for May 1, 2020

The fight against the pandemic, personnel changes in law enforcement, and the likelihood of job cuts are the topics of today's media.

The newspaper Azerbaijan continues to write about successes in the fight against the Corona Virus pandemic and calls for social responsibility, observing the established rules after easing the quarantine regime on April 27.

The website Mü writes about personnel changes in law enforcement agencies, when the posts of first persons are occupied by their deputies. This cannot be considered fundamental changes.

As for the Prosecutor General, deep personnel changes are needed there.

The website discusses the likelihood of another devaluation of the manat, noting a decrease in citizens' confidence in the national currency. This is confirmed by the fact that the banks sharply reduced deposits of citizens. At the beginning of March, the number of deposits in banks amounted to 694.4 million manats, and at the beginning of April - only 8 million 251.7 thousand manats.

The website discusses job cuts that are necessary during a crisis. Production is limited in order to prevent the pandemic. Large corporations with foreign operations suffer the most. If the product is not sold, then there is no need for its production, and this means a reduction in jobs. The oil sector has suffered the most, although cuts in this sector are undesirable.


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