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Baku/12.04.20/Turan:  The “Press Club” program of the Baku Press Club, discussed the problems of information management, the interaction of power-press society during the coronavirus pandemic, the role of the press, and social responsibility of the state. The meeting was held with participation of the expert in the field of media, Professor Gulu Maharramli, the head of the Baku Press Club Arif Aliyev and the director of Turan News Agency Mehman Aliyev. The program focused on the special role of the state, which, on the one hand, is responsible for conducting information policy in the emergency for the public interest and its ability to build relations with the press, which is the central link in the formation of the information field around the pandemic. In this case, the central issue of such work and interaction is the need to form an objective picture on all aspects of coronavirus problems, including medical, social, psychological aspects.

Whether the government and the media were able to achieve a level of interaction that contributes to the effective fight against the pandemic, program participants are wondering. Most likely, no, said Mehman Aliyev, who notes that the effectiveness of information support for events held by the state lies primarily with the government. However, in his opinion, a combination of administrative and informational measures are not in a harmonious state and reduce the effectiveness of preventive measures.

Agreeing with this approach, Gulu Maharramli focused on the professional and moral responsibility of the media. He believes that the media play an important role in this situation, but not everything is so smooth and there is a need for correction of the work of both the editorial offices, journalists, and the government in the field of information policy.

The social and moral aspects of the pandemic problem were not left without attention. According to Arif Aliyev, the state should carefully study the reports of journalists and social networks about the difficulties faced by poorly protected or completely unprotected layers of society because of loss of income after quarantine is introduced by the state. —0—


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