Presentation of the gender television program "Sən Demə"

Baku / 28.02.20 / Turan: Soon, a new program on issues of gender equality will appear on the air of Public TV. The creative team called it “Sən Demə” (“It turns out”).

The author and presenter of the program, the head of the NGO “Women's Association for Rational Development” Shahla Ismail noted that violence against women in the family, discrimination in education and employment, women's health - these and other aspects of gender will be the subject of discussion of television programs.

The creative group aims to start educational discussions on topics such as traditions and gender, religion and its impact on attitudes towards women in the family, society, mentality or stereotypes. The speeches of experts will be strengthened by opinion polls, the points of view of ordinary citizens.

The authors of the project studied the experience of similar television projects on this issue and, in particular, projects in Germany. “In this way, we strive to achieve maximum efficiency of television broadcasts,” said Shahla Ismail.

The project is supported by the German Foreign Ministry, the Swiss Cooperation Organization, the German Independent Center for Social Research, and the Georgian Information Center for Women. —0—


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