Press Review 06/22/2017

Evaluation of the current policy of Azerbaijan, the delayed reforms in agriculture, the situation in the banking system, and the lack of gas in the youth campus are the leading topics of today's press.

The Azerbaijan writes about an independent policy that meets national interests and its adequacy in international relations. The author speaks about the successes of the country thanks to Heydar Aliyev and the current President.

The Echo writes about the absence of agrarian reform.

A huge number of problems have accumulated in agriculture; that is why a comprehensive state approach is needed to solve them. A new global development strategy is required, based on taking into account all mistakes and studying successful experience using new technologies, including financial ones.

One of the ways on the way to productive resuscitation of the agrarian sector could be the united agrarian economy. This is not only agricultural cooperation. This is the development of local government, the social infrastructure of the village, and the opening of new social facilities, the construction of new roads, and the solution of the "land issue."

The Novoye Vremya published an article titled The Situation in the Banking System Remains Complicated. Weak capitalization of Azerbaijani banks is one of the sins of the entire banking system of the country. It"s no secret that this has a detrimental effect on the activities of banks. About 10 banks of Azerbaijan face the problem of capital insufficiency, and four more banks are under the control of the regulator. While banks are "poor" and remain in crisis, the economy should not expect even a slight increase. And the current trend of reducing the price of a barrel, even more so, leaves no other choice than to count only on our own capacity.

The Bizim Yol writes about the residents left without gas because of the conflict between the companies Accord and Azerigaz. It is about the gasification of houses in the youth town of the Absheron district. Accord did not pay the contractor, and as a result, people have remained without gas and have to pay 100-150 manats for electricity.

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