Press Review 11/03/2017

The successes of the agrarian region, the problems of transition to full cashless settlement, and dangerous points for citizens in the construction of buildings are the leading topics of today"s press.

The newspaper Azerbaijan writes about the successes of Agdam farmers, their effective use of lands, most of which, as is known, are under the Armenian occupation.

The author emphasizes the governmental support in this matter. Speaking about the successes, the author notes this year in Agdam the yield of cereals was 37 quintals, which means the production of more than 36 thousand tons of grain.

It is noted, in particular, that the area under cotton in the region is 3,005 hectares. So far, about 4 thousand tons of cotton have been harvested.

The newspaper Echo published an article titled Reforms on Transfer to Cashless Settlement in Azerbaijan Failed. Businessmen do not want to risk their capital and do not want to keep their money in the banks of Azerbaijan.

Full use of non-cash settlements in Baku will not lead to revenue growth. The businesses are far from willing to use the non-cash form of payment. They are offered to keep all the money in banks, while most businessmen face difficulties when withdrawing funds from their accounts. Therefore, the businesses are looking for "black schemes, so as not to give their money to lending institutions.

Of course, changes in the legislation were very necessary, but we were late. Transition to a non-cash form of payment was necessary during the heyday of the economy, when all individuals and legal entities trusted the banks. In the current reality, everyone is trying to avoid contact with banks. Therefore, it was necessary to delay the adoption of the law On Non-Cash Settlement until the situation in the country is normalized.

The website leads the investigation of the well-known lawyer Javad Javadov about lawlessness in housing construction conducted under the guise of "pilot projects". It is thea decision of the Cabinet of Ministers from February 2016 to demolish emergency homes in a number of districts of the capital and build new modern buildings in their place.

However, in this decision there is no expression "pilot project". The lawyer claims there is serious lawlessness in this process. So, after the aforementioned decision of the Cabinet of Ministers LLC with the prefix "pilot" began to grow, like mushrooms after the rain. And this process is completely non-transparent.

These new structures do not have a financial base and do not give any guarantees to citizens whose homes are being demolished. Any agreements and contracts of people with such LLCs are a source of risk and citizens should not do it, but appeal to the prosecutor"s office, Javadov believes. -0---

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