Press Review 12/06/13

Although the main topic in the press is the rise in the price of gasoline, the official media continues to gloss over this fact by publishing order of the head of state to allocate AZN 1 million for the construction of a road - Yalama Hanoba .



The Opposition camp sharply reacted to the statement of the Musavat party, that Rustam Ibrahimbekov not be honorary chairman of the National Council .

Representatives of several socio-political forces within the National Council do not see problems in the election of Ibrahimbekov as honorary Chairman.

The newspaper published an interview with the leader of the Musavat party, Isa Gambar,

 by the journalist Khadija Ismail. 

 The Dutch Foreign Ministry has prepared a report on the situation in Azerbaijan, noting that the head of the pyramid of corruption in the country is Ilham Aliyev.

Tehran said that the price of oil on the world market will decrease to $ 20 per barrell .


Zerkalo writes that Russia has a huge opportunity to torpedo any initiative to resolve the Karabakh conflict. The only hope is for a miracle.


Express reported that in Azerbaijan 105 women committed suicide in 2012.

 Experts believe that with the increase in subsidies prices for agricultural products will increase.


Echo writes that the EU will provide _ 30 million to Azerbaijan and other countries of the "Eastern Partnership" will get more.


Bizim Yol writes that for the peaceful settlement of the Karabakh conflict it was initially planned to release five occupied regions, to which were subsequently added Lachin and Kelbajar.


Experts warn of rising inflation in 2014 and the prices of products and services of all kinds .

Metropolitan Municipality has rejected all requests to hold protests.


Yeni Musavat publishes the arguments of the leader of Musavat, Isa Gambar, why he does not want to see Rustam Ibrahimbekov as the honorary chairman of the National Council. Gambar reiterates that a citizen of another country cannot be a Chairman of the National Council, or a co-Chairman or an honorary Chairman.

The newspaper claims that the former head of the Caspian Shipping Company, Aydin Bashirov, has his own fleet in Odessa, and also writes about the facts of fraud. - 0 -




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