Press Review 30/07/14

Azadlig writes that Emergencies Minister Kemaleddin Heydarov has become the target of the ruling family who wants to ruin his business empire.

Human rights activist Leyla Yunus, a long time harassed and pressured, urges the head of state to release young political activists from detention.

All Muslim countries signed decrees of pardon on the occasion of Ramadan, but in Azerbaijan this was not done.

The party Musavat is facing frictions and opinions have divided regarding the intention to amend the party's constitution. Part of the leadership believes that the chairman of the party can be elected twice, others oppose it.

Military experts believe that the planned construction of a new building of the General Staff will create conditions for corruption.


Yeni Musavat

Experts believe that the Kremlin has softened its policy towards Azerbaijan, trying thus to attract it to the Eurasian Union.

U.S. Ambassador to OSCE, Daniel Baer criticized the OSCE Baku Coordinator, accusing him of ignoring civil society institutions.

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