Мехман Гусейнов

Мехман Гусейнов

Baku / 09.09.17 / Turan: The defense does not agree with the decision of the Supreme Court on the complaint of Mehman Huseynov about the return of the case to the appellate instance. Lawyers believe that this decision is aimed at extending his detention in prison. Huseynov's cassation appeal was heard in the Supreme Court of Azerbaijan under the chairmanship of Judge Ali Seyfaliyev on September 29. The defense called on the court to acquit the blogger. Participation of Huseynov himself at the trial was not provided, although he expressed such a desire. The lawyer FuadAgayev said that the lower courts did not satisfy the key petitions of the defense. In particular, according to him, the court did not satisfy the petition for viewing the records of security cameras in the place of detention of the blogger and the Nasimi district police department, where he was brought.The lawyer recalled that Mehman Huseynov was captured by plain-clothed persons on January 9 in Gogol Street in the very center of Baku, where there are many CCTV cameras. They put a bag on his head, put him in the car and drove around the city for an hour until he was instructed in what management to deliver.

The violent actions continued in the Nasimi district police.Mehman became ill, he was called "ambulance", the doctors made an injection of sleeping pills. The defense requested records from the Nasimi police control cameras, but these petitions were not satisfied. Further, the defender drew attention to the fact that according to Article 147 (slander) of the Criminal Code a plaintiff can be an individual. Musa Musayev, the head of the Nasimipolice department, spoke on behalf of the administration, that is, a legal entity, and therefore the claim was illegal. However, in violation of the law, the private prosecutor himself did not appear in court. Therefore, according to Agayev, the only correct, lawful decision of the Supreme Court should be to stop criminal proceedings on justifiable grounds and release Huseynov.

The other lawyers asked the same. However, the representative of the private prosecutor, Alirza Abilov, spoke in favor of keeping the verdict in force. As a result, the Supreme Court returned the case for a second hearing of the Baku Court of Appeal. Commenting on the verdict lawyer Elchin Sadigov said that the Supreme Court only partially granted the appeal, recognizing the violation of Huseynov's rights.

However, in general, the defense does not agree with the court's decision, since it insisted on a verdict of acquittal. The same Supreme Court decision only delays Mehman Huseynov's detention in custody. If even the Supreme Court dismissed the complaint completely, then on October 3, in connection with the departure of one-third of the term, the defense could apply to the court for the early release of the blogger. Now his detention in prison is being postponed, at least for 30-40 days, the lawyer said. For, according to the law, the decision of the Supreme Court is sent to the parties and the appellate court within a month. -03C06--

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2017 September 29 (Friday) 12:52:05

Supreme Court Returns Mehman Huseynov"s Complaint to Appeals Court

Baku / 29.09.17 / Turan: On September 29, the Supreme Court of Azerbaijan partially satisfied the cassation appeal of the blogger Mehman Huseynov, who was sentenced to imprisonment for two years (147.2 of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan - libel over committing a serious crime). The complaint was returned to the Appeals Court.

After he was detained in January this year, Mehman Huseynov stated about the tortures applied to him in the police. In response, the head of the Nasimi district police department of Baku demanded punishing the blogger for libel. On May 3 the Surakhani district court of Baku sentenced Huseynov to two years in prison, having found him guilty of libel. The Baku Appeals Court refused to satisfy the complaint against the verdict.

The complaint against the decision of the Appeals Court was submitted to the Supreme Court on May 15, but it was accepted only on August 22.

Mehman Huseynov is known for publishing video materials about corruption among high-ranking officials in the satirical online magazine Sancaq.--0--

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