Protests stopped in Karabakh, for how long?

Yerevan / 05.06.18 / Turan: After the appeal of the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan to the protesting residents of Karabakh, the organizers of the protest rallies stated that they suspended the protest actions. This happened after Pashinyan's appeal and the promises of the leader of the local separatists, Bako Sahakyan, to punish servicemen who beat several civilians.

However, local sources believe that the cause of the protests is much deeper and the beating of local soldiers by the military is just an excuse for a social explosion. The local population is outraged by the arrogance and arbitrariness of the military, who behave like hosts and do not even consider the police.

Only after the center of Khankendi was blocked for two days by local residents, the authorities reported the arrest of 15 security forces special forces.

The mood in Karabakh was seriously affected by the recent changes in Armenia, where people took to the streets, demanding changes and stopping corruption. It is not by chance that many of the protesters in Karabakh complained of poverty, emigration and domination of officials. The protesters threatened that protests would resume if the authorities did not solve their many social and economic demands.


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