Foto: Turan

Foto: Turan

Baku / 03.05.17 / Turan: Representatives of the public, activists and journalists visited the grave of the blogger Mehman Galandarov, who died under mysterious circumstances on April 28 in pre-trial detention center No.1 in Kurdakhani, on World Free Press Day. Director of the Turan agency Mehman Aliyev recall that journalists visit the grave of Elmar Huseynov, who was killed on March 2, 2005, every year.

"Today we are here, at the new grave. God forbid that we had to gather at some other grave, "he said.

He regarded the murder of Galantarov as an indicator of the state of affairs in the field of press freedom and freedom of speech. As the free press disappears, pressure and repression move to bloggers and social media.

So, on May 2, the head of another Internet resource, Channel 13, was arrested. This was another message of the authorities of the press.

However, the desire to impose freedom of speech is becoming increasingly difficult. The number of Internet resources is increasing, social media and citizen journalist is developing. "Today everyone has become a blogger, everyone can write or shoot a video and bring it to the whole community and Mehman Galandarov was one of such civilian journalists," he said.

Human rights activist Oktay Gyulaliyev recalled that today 11 journalists and bloggers are in prison. This is the highest level in Europe, and this is an indicator of the state of the press in the country, he said.

Concerning the death of Mehman Galandarov in the remand prison, he expressed doubts about the official version - suicide.

"Information about death as a result of torture should be checked and the perpetrators of thiswill bear  responsibility for what they have done," he said. Further, Gyulaliyev read out the appeal of the public. —06D--

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