The families of another 2725 martyrs will receive compensation

Baku/28.01.19/Turan: One-time allowances in the amount of 11,000 manat will be received by the families of another 2,264 servicemen and 461 police officers who died in the Karabakh war.

Thus, the families of 12,268 martyrs will get the compensation, and the state will allocate 135 million manats for these purposes, reads the message of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population in connection with the presidential decree issued today on the expansion of the category of persons entitled to receive compensation.

At present, the families of 3,100 martyrs have received compensation, for which 34 million manat was allocated.

The process of paying compensation to the families of 6,444 martyrs is underway. -06D--

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