The first group of pilgrims will depart for Hajj on August 24

Baku / 21.08.17 / Turan: On August 24 the first group of Azerbaijani pilgrims to Hajj will leave for Mecca. The Caucasus Muslims Office reports that the second and third groups of pilgrims will fly to Saudi Arabia on August 25 and 26. The return of the pilgrims is expected on September 12.

This year the quota of Azerbaijan to visit holy places is 900 believers. The cost of hajj is 3580 dollars.

Since 2011, the opportunity to get to Arabia by bus has been canceled because of the outbreak of the war in Syria, through which the road goes to Mecca.

Gurban Bayram, which is an integral part of the Hajj, will be celebrated this year on September 1-2. -05D-

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