Xədicə İsmayıl

Xədicə İsmayıl

Baku / 14.11.17 / Turan: By the instructions of the Ministry of Taxes in 8 November, the account of investigative journalist Khadija Ismaylova in "Kapitalbank" was blocked. Ismayilova was notified until the 14th. In turn, the journalist's complaint about the arrest of the account will be considered at the Baku Administrative Economic Court No. 1 only on November 27. Before the completion of the case, the accounts will remain frozen, Ismayilova told Turan. According to her, the Ministry of Taxes motivated this decision allegedly with Ismayilova's existing tax debts. The court must determine whether the journalist has any tax obligations. Ismayilova believes that this decision aims to prevent her from receiving international monetary awards.

In 2016, she was awarded the prestigious Freedom of the Press in the world by Guillermo Cani of UNESCO. According to her, then the banks refused to open Ismailova's account. After her complaint to UNESCO, Kapitalbank still opened an account for her.

In September, Ismayilova was awarded the prestigious Right Livelihood (also called an alternative Nobel Prize) and the Allard Award, established by the Canadian British University. Ismayilova asked me to transfer her monetary sums in installments. However, after the receipt of the first part of the money, the account was arrested. That is why, Ismayilova sued. If she does not receive her prizes, she will ask the organizations that awarded the awards to send these funds to investigate corruption in Azerbaijan. -03B06-

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