Turkish citizens were deported illegally, lawyer

 Asabali Mustafayev, the lawyer of the Nursists arrested on September 20, and attracted to administrative responsibility, filed an appeal. On September 20 during a joint raid of the police and the National Security Ministry, in the house of Mubariz Asadov on H.Mustafaeva Street were detained 85 people - supporters of the religious Movement "Nurchular" (Nur.)

There were confiscated 3,000 copies of banned religious books. Soon the detainees were released, but for two people was drawn up a protocol under the Article 300 (violation of legislation on freedom of religion), and in respect of the five - under Article 299.0.2 (violation of the order of creation and activity of religious organizations.)

According to Mustafayev, five believers were fined, and two Turkish citizens were deported from the country. The lawyer considers illegal their deportation, as Turkish citizens should be given 10 days to appeal the decision  on their bringing to administrative responsibility. -06D—

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