Mother of the convicted accuses, and the Prison Service

Convicted Elshan Pashayev after the return from the Gobustan prison №1   on September 19 was placed in solitary confinement. The reason  is hi  resisting the warden while being  on quarantine, Turan was told by his mother Lidia Mirzaliyeva. She regarded it as an extension of bias against her son. Elshan Pashayev was arrested on March 10, 2005  on charges of murder,  and was sentenced to 12 years. After serving 10 years and 7 months, in February 2015 he applied for  the release to the Nizami court, which dismissed the appeal. Then Pashayev sewed his mouth and went on hunger strike. On March 19, on the basis of the submission of the leadership of  jail №1, Nizami Court sent  Pashayev  to the  Gobustan prison to serve his  sentence.

The convicted  appealed, and 7 April the Court of Appeal reduced Pashayev’s term in a Gobustan prison for six months. However, the Judicial Council issued a reprimand to the judge of Nizami court for this decision. "My son's life is in danger. In jail №1 they take revenge for his complaints, do not allow meeting with relatives. The head of the jail does not allow even to approach to him.  Please help, let the relevant authorities take an interest my son's safety. As a mother I ask for  justice," said Lydia Mirzaliyeva. In turn, the department of Public Relations of the Penitentiary Service, told Turan  there is not any danger for the  prisoners. "The law in jails is the same for everyone. Everything said about Elshan Pashayev has no foundation. There is not any danger to his life. To apply any penalties to prisoners is the exclusive right of the head of jail. The convicted or accused has the right to file a complaint, and Elshan Pashayev has the same right," said the Prison Service. -03B04-

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