Makarevich: Concert in Baku canceled for fear of "pro-Ukrainian performances"

The authorities in the capital of Azerbaijan canceled a concert that was to be performed by Andrei Makarevich. According to the Russian rock musician, this is due to the fact that the concert could cause "pro-Ukrainian performances."

According to him, his concerts with the Creole Tango Orchestra did not yet cause any "pro-Ukrainian actions" either in Russia or Belarus or Latvia or Moldova, or in America.

"Well, gentlemen Bakuvians, you yourselves apologize to your audience who have bought the tickets, and at the same time try not to lie. I do not accept your apology," wrote Makarevich on his page on Facebook.

Then concert in Baku was to be held on 31 October.

Earlier, on September 28 the joint concert by Makarevich and the jazz guitarist Ildar Kazakhanov was canceled. According to the official version, the concert was canceled due to the low sale of the tickets. --0--

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