Russia against the sovereignty of Azerbaijan?

Baku/28.10.22/Turan: Russia does not dictate anything to Armenia regarding the peace treaty with Azerbaijan and is not going to do so, the Russian President Vladimir Putin  announced on October 27 at the Valdai Discussion Club. He stressed that the "Washington version" of the peace treaty between Armenia and Azerbaijan provides for Baku's sovereignty over Karabakh:

“We cannot and are not going to dictate anything to Armenia. If the Armenian people and the current Armenian leadership believe that it is necessary to choose a specific version of the peace treaty, for example, the so-called Washington one, which provides for the recognition of Azerbaijan's sovereignty over Karabakh, if Armenia thinks so, then please,” Putin said.

Why does Azerbaijan's sovereignty over Karabakh worry Russia so much?

Political scientist Ahmed Alili shared his version of the answer to this question in the “Difficult Question” program.

According to him, Putin's statement is in line with the decision reached within the framework of the EU-led and US-backed platform aimed at zeroing.

“I think this is the best solution. It is possible that if in the near future, on the same conditions, Baku and Yerevan reach a certain agreement on the platform mediated by Russia, then perhaps it will agree to sign a peace treaty,” Alili said, noting that in the current conditions , it is essential for Russia that these decisions are in no way connected with Washington.

At the same time, the political scientist also noted that the Russian media have recently come out with rather harsh messages about Azerbaijan. In turn, Azerbaijani TV channels responded to these messages in a form that caused public outcry.

According to Alili, since 2011, Russia, having all the opportunities to successfully resolve the Azerbaijani-Armenian conflict, has not done so.

“And then, the EU intervened in the matter, and as we see, it achieved certain positives, which were supported by Washington, which irritates Russia extremely. Over the past 3-4 months, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has repeatedly made statements that clearly demonstrated Russia's extreme irritation with the West's interference in the peace process,” the political scientist said, adding that Russia wants to restore the role of the dominant mediator in this process.

According to the expert, the Azerbaijani side is not satisfied with the position of Russia, which does not want Azerbaijan's sovereignty.

That is why President Ilham Aliyev builds his policy on the principle of "neither East, nor West." Obviously, the trip of President Ilham Aliyev to Tbilisi was connected with this.

“Apparently, he wants to activate Georgia and conduct the negotiation process on the Georgian platform, as a purely Azerbaijani-Armenian one, without outside interference,” the political scientist believes. –0—

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