December 10 standards for determining and evaluating hotels come to effect

State Committee on Standardization, Metrology and Patent of the approved national standard AZS 745-2012 "hotels and the type of hotel, the definition of the category of stars and application of the criteria in their evaluation." The Ministry of Culture and Tourism started to apply this standard from 10th December.

As standard, the hotel should have, as a rule, at least the 10 th number provided. The following types of objects to place guests: guest house / mini hotel, motel, boutique hotel, spa hotel, hotel resorts, motels and resort.

The press service of SCSMP told Turan that the classification of hotel project is carried out in three stages. At the first stage, there should be assessment of compliance of the object. In the second stage expert panel prepares report and the final stage is made the appropriate category.

Evaluation is carried out only by the stars in the hotel, passed licensing. Hotel category is determined from one to five stars. Objects with less than 10 rooms can be awarded no more than 3 stars, motels - no more than 4. Boutique hotels with bus stops can cause a 5 stars.

Standard developed by the Technical Committee "of tourism services and means of movement" for the execution of the "State of the tourism development in 2010-2014." In the development of the standard was used for the standards ISO quality control and safety systems, food safety and inspection system of the European Association of Hotels Hotelstars Union.

In Azerbaijan, operates more than 500 hotels and hotel type. All of them will be tested in accordance with the new standard. - 08B-


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