Finance Ministry not interested in premiums for compulsory insurance of passengers

The least used segment of compulsory insurance is insurance of passengers. As of June 1, with the carriers there were signed 57 agreements in total premiums of AZN 42.28 thsd.

According to the Bureau of Compulsory Iinsurance, for all of last year on this type of insurance was concluded 363 contracts (93 thousand 427 manats premiums).

According to the Ministry of Transport (, only in Baku are about 4 thousand buses of varying capacity. With an average daily plan of 100 manat (excluding regions), it is 12 million manats a month.

Passenger insurance is optional, but the Finance Ministry has not yet got a scheme to raise funds in this segment. Or, there are more important things to overcome, or rather transportation officials and monopolists do not let them do so. - 17D-


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