In Azerbaijan the Internet in three and a half times more than in the provinces

The level of incoming Internet traffic among leading national provider AzerTelecom - 8.89 Mbit / s. for two-fold reduction (compared to the January figures) incoming speed. In the capital, the leader does not mass index structure CityNet with 28.94 Mb / s.

According to experts, this is due to the overflow of the majority of users of electronic services in Baku and Internet services in unprofitable areas.

Among the leading mobile operators there is Azercell Telecom LLC. Its index is 4.41 Mbit / s which is the 16th position among the Baku providers. Azerfon LLC has the 17th line with 4.31 Mbit / s, Bakcell Ltd is the 24th one with 1.99 Mbit / s.

Note that almost as many providers were not included in the rankings because they have a lower rate, just not for the interest of the drafters of top sheet.

The rating for the outgoing traffic (the best - 1.42 Mb / s and 119 in the world) are statistics 20 local Internet service providers and telecom operators. In their networks during the trial period the maximum speed of outgoing traffic was fixed at 8.94 Mbit / s (network AzerTelecom), and the minimum rate - 0.45 Mb / s (Azerbaijan Data Network).

Chosen for the experiment were 324 981 of 2.48 million active unique IP-addresses. The study was conducted on the basis of statistics Internet service providers and telecom operators, mainly in Baku. - 17D-


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