Published report by JSC Bank Silk Way

JSC Bank Silk Way released data for the 3rd quarter of this year - its assets by 1 October were 233,460,000 manat (+ 14.9% on 1 January) at the loan portfolio was 166,700,000 manat (+ 13.7%).

The liabilities, including long-term ones, of this financial structure by the end of the reporting period were equal to 125,010,000 manat (+ 25.9%). Deposits in the bank at the end of September 2014 amounted to 54,510,000 manat (+ 19.9%), of which the deposits of the population were AZN 41.724 million (+ 64.8%).

The authorized capital increased by 5.9% to 105 766 630 manat, and slightly higher was the level of equity - 108 445 740 manat (+4.3%).

The net profit by the results of January-September amounted to 6,435,250 manat.

JSC Bank Silk Way has been in effect from 25 January 2008 (it was previously called Azal Bank). The shareholders are two individuals and one entity. --17D-

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