Results of deposit campaign Semeni

March 29 of 2013 NIKOIL | BANK summed up the spring depositary shares - instant lottery Semeni, which was launched on February 18 of this year. Under the terms of the shares, each depositor is insured offered the highest interest rate of 12% per annum with the possibility of removal of the monthly interest VISA GOLD plastic card as a gift, and guaranteed a valuable gift from the participation in a stimulating instant lottery.

As reported in the bank, on the basis of the action was taken by 688 fixed-term deposits of $ 7.5 million AZN. Each contributor has received a gift from the Bank in accordance with the terms of instant lottery. The owners of the most valuable prizes were:

1. Hagverdiyeva Ilakha Eyvaz gyzy

2. Dzhabiev Azer Hajibaba oglu

3. Akhmedov Hasan Aydin

4. Makhmudova Kamala Nadir gyzy

5. Tatyana Zhukova Germanovna

6. Rashidova Ayten Rashid gyzy

7. Dashdemirova Leila Fa'iq gyzy

8. Kazieva Zemfira Anver gyzy

9. Lihosherstnaya Yana Vladimirovna

10. Najaf oglu Mammadov, Vugar

11. Sahib oglu Aliyev Yolchu

12. Sameer Rahim oglu Guliyev

13. Fatullaeva Naila Musa Agha gyzy

14. Zia Usubov Najaf oglu

15. Akhmedov, Ilham Musa

16. Ismailzade Araz Isa oglu

17. Gashimov Taran Eyvaz gyzy

18. Hajiyev Rena Hazratgulu gyzy

19. Latifov Wafa Ahad gyzy

Recall that the CBI NIKOIL is a universal financial institution, offering a full package of services, including settlement, credit, payment, card, warranty, inter-bank, documentary and other operations performed in local and foreign currencies. Bank's branch network consists of 17 sales outlets, located in Baku and in the regions of Azerbaijan. In 2012, the bank celebrated its tenth anniversary with the slogan "10 years on the height." - 15D -


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