Youth unemployment has reached 10%

The State Statistics Committee of Azerbaijan has unveiled today a report on the socio-economic status of young people in 2013. According to the document, more than half, or 51.9% of the unemployed - citizens aged 15-29.

The ratio of unemployed to the economically active population of the country as of 1 January of this year was 5%. Among young people, the figure was 9.9%, including among men - 8.2%. For 2013, this figure decreased in comparison with 2012 by 0.4%. High unemployment is observed among boys and girls up to 19 years - 15.9%.

By the beginning of the year the number of economically active population was 4,757,800, of whom 1,239,800 are young. According to the SSC, the unemployed are considered representatives of the younger generation – up to 19 years old – 15 400 people, from 20 to 24 years old - 63 800 people and 25-29 years old – 43 800 people.

The share of young people in the total population is 28.9%. In this case, 52% of the young live in urban areas and 48% live in rural areas. --08B--

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