Ali Hasanov justifies repressions against civil society

Head of the Department of the Presidential Administration, Ali Hasanov, gave another interview, where  he justified repression by the authorities against civil society in Azerbaijan.

In particular, he said that the statements of some Western circles, organizations and the media in Azerbaijan of a "dictatorship" and "authoritarian" regime  are unfounded.

"Using the existing voids, some external and internal circles, contrary to law, have an impact on political parties, NGOs and the media, finance their through illegal ways and directly."

"Some NGOs under the guise of public diplomacy have collaborated with Armenian NGOs controlled by Armenian special services, and turned into an expression of the interests of an enemy state.

 It is too bad that these NGOs and individuals, some journalists, relying on funding their outer circles, put themselves above national law, and refuse to register their grants, give financial reports, pay taxes and perform other legal requirements of the government.

At the same time, adequate actions of government agencies are perceived by these circles as

pressure on civil society, limiting the activities of the media and NGOs. This is an organized campaign of blackening Azerbaijan," said Hasanov.

According to him, Azerbaijan has all conditions for the activities of civil society. "The main requirement of the government is that the activities of NGOs and the media were subject to the rule of law, as it is in Europe,"  said in the conclusion Ali Hasanov. -16D-

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