Azerbaijani Defense: We have to disappoint Vagharshak Harutyunyan

The former Armenian Defense Minister Vagharshak Harutyunyan in an interview with the Armenian Service of Radio Liberty reiterated the threat of Yerevan about the possibility to apply Scud ballistic missiles against Azerbaijan.

According to him, these missiles can destroy Baku and the Mingechevir reservoir.

Harutyunyan said that Azerbaijan has no armed forces to protect against these missiles.

In particular, the C300 Favorite, he said, "to be used as a missile against ballistic missiles, it must have other missiles that Russia does not sell any state, because it falls under the treaty banning anti-missile systems."

In this regard, Turan asked a representative of Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry to comment on this statement. Wishing to remain anonymous, an officer of Defense said the debate with ex-Minister of Armenia makes no sense. The data of the developers of Favorite are open enough to read. It says the following:

"Universal mobile multichannel antiaircraft missile system C-300PMU-2 Favorite is intended for the defense of vital installations of the state and its armed forces from the massive strikes of modern and advanced aircraft, strategic cruise missiles, tactical and operational-tactical ballistic missiles and other means of air attack, throughout the entire range of speeds and military applications, including those using highly active or passive obstacles.

The system C-300PMU-2 Favorite is a further development of the anti-aircraft missile system S-300PMU-1.

The combat capabilities have increased through the creation of a new missile 48N6E2 having improved efficiency in defeating ballistic targets at ranges up to 40 km with providing undermining the warhead at the goal, increasing the far boundary of hitting aerodynamic targets up to 200 km, including the shooting in pursuit, increasing outreach capabilities of the team point of the system for the detection and tracking of ballistic targets with preservation sector detection aerodynamic purposes. "

As can be seen from these characteristics, the available capacity is more than enough to neutralize the long obsolete and removed from combat duty missiles Scud, said Azerbaijani officer.

"Instead of deceiving his own public, we would recommend Harutyunyan to listen to the opinion of the Armenian President Sargsyan that in the event of renewed war, the Azerbaijani troops could reach the approaches to Yerevan," said the officer of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces. -02B-

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