British MP about crocodile smiles in Baku

The British MP Helen Goodman criticized the human rights situation in Azerbaijan. According to the Azerbaijani service  of BBC, speaking Thursday at a hearing in Parliament on Azerbaijan, she called the decision to hold the Global Forum on Internet Governance in Baku  on  November this year. According to her, nothing can justify the violation of human rights. Goodman whop participated in this forum told about the big posters with portraits of Ilham Aliyev in Baku, likening them to "a crocodile smile."

She noted that Amnesty International asked the commissioner to raise  the issues on  the  murder  of the journalist Rafiq Tagi, assaults of the  journalist Idrak Abbasov, and other facts, with the government of Azerbaijan.

"Baku people still live in the time of Kafka, newspapers are not sold in the newsstands,"  said Goodman. She called on the  British government to support the report of Christopher Strasser, the PACE rapporteur on political prisoners.

"It is important to remind that when the government and the British Parliament, support human rights, we are making progress,"  said Goodman, adding that after  the official reaction of the British Parliament  the bloggers Emin Milli and Adnan Hajizade were released.—06D-


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