Delegations of Azerbaijani and Georgian NGOs Did Not Support Final Declaration of EU Conference on Civil Society

Tallinn / 25.10.17 / Turan: Representatives of the NGOs of Azerbaijan and Georgia refused to sign the final declaration of the Tallinn Civil Society Conference of the EU"s Eastern Partnership program on Tangible Results for People: Envisioning the Eastern Partnership in 2020 and Beyond.

As the special correspondent of Turan reported from Tallinn, the reason for this was the declaration clause, providing recommendations for the EU on direct financing of NGOs working in conflict zones.

The delegations of Azerbaijan and Georgia believe that this point serves as an aid to NGOs in self-proclaimed separatist "republics" to receive direct investments from the EU.

However, the Azerbaijani and Georgian delegations failed to remove this item from the text of the declaration. Only 66 conference delegates voted to delete this item from the text. In response, the two delegations agreed not to vote for the entire text of the final declaration. -71D-

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