Human Rights House Foundation: Emin Huseynov can be arrested

The human rights activist Emin Huseynov in Azerbaijan can be arrested at any time and is in urgent need of protection, said on Saturday the international human rights organization Human Rights House Foundation.

Aug. 8 the court ordered Emin Huseynov to visit the prosecutor's office, so the human rights activist can be arrested at any time and is in urgent need of protection, emphasized the Human Rights House Foundation.

The Foundation urged the international community to "urgently respond to the rapidly deteriorating situation in Azerbaijan."

"We know that the charges against human rights activists are politically motivated. Authorities want to silence those who are holding the country in the field of international obligations and commitments, particularly in the framework of the Council of Europe," said the executive director of the Human Rights House, Maria Dahle.

"The absence of effective action by the international community can lead to the fact that the repression of the independent human rights community in the country will continue for several weeks. The Council of Europe and its members shouold not accept this punishment in silence," the statement of Maria Dahle says.

During the search, August 8 at the IRFS office all the electronic media, surveying equipment and documentation were seized.

The fate of the IRFS Director remains unknown. -06D--

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