Ilham Aliyev receives the head of the state corporation "Rostech"

On Monday, President Ilham Aliyev received the Director General of the Russian state corporation "Rostech"  Sergey Chemezov and his entourage. During the meeting the sides exchanged views on bilateral cooperation in the defense sector, medicine, high technology and others, the website of the head of Azerbaijan.

The "Rostech" brings together more than 700 organizations involved in the development, manufacture and export of high-tech products for civilian and military purposes. Of the 13 holdings of  "Rostech" eight  work in the defense industry. In particular, holding "Oboronprom" controls the "Russian Helicopters", from which Azerbaijan buys military helicopters MI-35.

 The Holding "Precision complexes" specializing in high-precision systems and weapons systems. Here Azerbaijan buys aircraft missile systems; antitank missile systems; operational-tactical missile systems; active protection.

Russia today has become a leading exporter of arms to Azerbaijan. According to official figures, over the past two years, Russia has supplied weapons to Azerbaijan  amounting  $4 or $5 billion.

Apparently, the current visit of the delegation  of "Rostech" is also associated with the implementation of Azerbaijan's new military orders. -02D-

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