Meeting of the committee to protect the rights of Yunus spouses

Committee to Protect  the spouses  Leyla and Arif   was held on Monday in the office of the Association of Intellectuals.

Chairman of the Committee Jamil Hasanli said that the Committee shall protect not only the couple Yunus, but also all political prisoners.  As for the name of the Committee, it is directly  due to exceptional merits of Leyla Yunus in the human rights field.

According to Hasanli, recently charged with tax evasion  against the majority of representatives of civil society, has become a "political prosecution."

It is a measure of disrespect of powers to justice, attempt to intimidate politicians, youth and believers.

The meeting participants welcomed the continuation of the Working Group to prepare a single list of political prisoners and the reaction of the authoritative international organizations.

A success of the Group are also publications in the international press, and the debate on the social networks.   It was noted that there is a connection with all the political prisoners, except Arif Yunus, who is kept in the pre-trial jail of the Ministry of national Security.

The  panelists talked about the arrest of  Intigam Aliyev. It was noted that of the 76 complaints to the European Court for the parliamentary elections of 2010, 51  cases  are already at the stage of communication. Winning these cases will prove falsification of the parliamentary election. Most of these cases were  led by  Intigam Aliyev.

The meeting participanst came to a common  agreement that the main reason for the arrest of Yunus  became  preparation of a single list of political prisoners and calls to boycott the European game in 2015.

One of the heads of the Working Group , Shahvalad Chobanoglu, said that two days before the arrest, Leyla  Yunus and Rasul Jafarov signed a common list of political prisoners. "I think that the reason for the arrest of these two human rights defenders became a list of political prisoners, which has no alternative," said Chobanoglu.

After the publication of a single list, he was supported by many political forces and civil society representatives. At the moment there is no alternative list,  said Chobanoglu.

In his speech, Chairman of the Classic Popular Front Party Mirmahmud Miralioglu said that his party will support the activities of the Committee.

Chairman of the Popular Front Party Ali Kerimli stressed the importance of a petition in defense of political prisoners, holding events in social networks, mass mailings on political prisoners.

This autumn, it is necessary to initiate a mass protest, stressed Kerimli. "By the attacks on the pressure of political parties and independent media, NGOs, the authorities aim to disable them before the parliamentary elections in 2015,"  said Kerimli. -05C04-

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