Members of PPFA are Detained in Sabirabad Region

Murad Adilov, Assistant of Ali Kerimli, the head of the  Popular Front Party, was arrested and taken to the police Sabirabad.

According to his uncle  Ilham Adilov,  the reason for detention is not known. Murad was summoned to the police in the morning and did not return; the attempts  of the uncle to determine the cause  were futile.

"I called the police, who summoned my nephew, and he said  there was no grounds for concern. I myself went to the police station, but was met there rudely, and just was  kicked out of the building," said Ilham Adilov, assuming that  there could be a provocation against his nephew.

According to  sources in the PPFA, on March 10, the party scheduled meeting  in Sabirabad region. It is possible that the current  summon  is for the preparing to failure  the forthcoming meeting. -05B04-  


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