Rasul Mursalov and Ilgar Rzayev are Declared "Prisoners of Eurovision"

Youth activist of Democratic Party (ADP) Rasul Mursalov was  arrested for political reasons. This was announced at today’s  press conference  of the committee to protect the rights of Mursalova. Mursalov actively participated in the protests of the opposition in Baku last spring.  On July 18, he was arrested in the village  of Chelchyu  in Balakan region, where he stayed  in his grandfather’s house.

"He was detained by border guards  together with his friend  from Turkey. On October 19 the  regions court of Balaken sentenced  Mursalov to 1.5 years in prison, finding him guilty under  the Article 318.2 (violation of border crossings in the group," said the head of the youth organization of the ADP, Camil Hajiyev.

According to him, Mursalov did not violate the border, and was detained in  his native village.

"There are not border signs between  Azerbaijan and Georgia. Even the local population does not know where the border is. According to the logic of the court,  anyone who accidentally crosses the border should be arrested," said the human rights activist, Alekper Mamedov.

Mursalov, just like other activist Ilgar Rzayev, arrested for drug possession, opposed the demolition of houses in the center of Baku. They  have been recognized by human rights activists as a "prisoners of Eurovision." According to them, the activists were arrested just for taking part in protests on the eve of "Eurovision", when they tried to draw attention to violations of property rights and political freedoms in Azerbaijan.

His  mother Shirinbadji Rzayeva said  that  there was a time when she defended the current government. "However, this regime has destroyed my house that I created for  50 years,  and  deprived my family of joy,"  said Rzayeva, which was previously dismissed from kindergarten for criticizing the government.

Human rights activists have decided to protect the rights of both activists together,  and to appeal to the public and diplomatic missions  with request to protect them.—03C06—


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