Employment in the transport sector increases by 4.4%

In 2012, the transport sector, including warehousing and postal enterprises employed 68.400 workers employed. This is by  4.4% more than in the previous year. However, the number of employees in the transport sector, compared with 2009 (85.1 thousand) decreased by about 20%.

According to the  State Statistical Committee, the proportion of public sector in the structure of the transport sector has reached  75%. Over half (55%) of workers  are engaged in land transport (road, pipeline transport modes, subway, etc.). In aviation companies  are involved 7.9%, and in the  sea transport - 14.5% of the transporters.

Last year the average monthly wage of employees in transport was more than 500 manats,  by 12.8% more than in 201. Aviators in 2012 earned an average 98; employees of the Caspian  Navigation earned 74 manats (19.7%). Last year, the salary of railway  workers  increased by 13.5%. But they received far less than transport workers - an average of 226 manats a month. 08D


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