Mirvari Gahramanli: Investigators try to force Matanat Azizova to give testimony

Committee to Protect the Rights of Petroleum workers has been operating for more than 18 years, and still has not faced  pressure, said Mirvari Gahramanli, the head of this NGO in her interview with “Objective TV.” On July 8, in accordance with the decision of the Nasimi Court,  her personal bank account and  the account of the NGO were arrested. "We have filed an appeal. However the court, unreasonably and  without  explaining the reasons, upheld the trial court's decision. We have not received from law enforcement agencies requests or letters, noted Gahramanli. Concerning the prosecution of her daughter, Matanat Azizova, she said: "I was shocked  when I heard about the charges against Rauf Mirkadirov about the alleged spying for Armenia. What might be common  between  the Women's Crisis Centre,  led by  Matanat,  and  the  case of the journalist Rauf Mirkadirov? My daughter was interrogated for 10 hours, and the next day  the interrogation turned into a frank pressure from the investigator.  She was forced to sign some documents that had no relation to Matanat," said Gahramanli. "Currently, several NGOs are preparing to file a complaint with the European Court. I believe that the European Court will satisfy our complaint. However, I would like to state compensation should pay not the government, but the  judges who have passed unfair decision," said Gahramanli. -03B04-

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