Morningstar: U.S. wants a bright future for all Azerbaijanis

Despite the ups and downs in the US-Azerbaijani relations between the U.S. and Azerbaijan, there is a strong partnership. This point was emphasized in the speech by the U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan Richard Morningstar at the reception on July 3 on the occasion of Independence Day of the United States.

Noting that the United States celebrates the 238th anniversary of its independence, Morningstar said that many people were wrong, predicting short term democratic practice for America.

"But we are here today. Democracy is often unregulated. This process is not always easy, and our country has gone through difficult periods. But increasing the opportunities for personal freedoms and respect for the rights of all citizens of the U.S., we have always become stronger. Democracy is never perfect, and this is the path we must always continue to exercise and implement affairs assigned to us," he said.

Noting the strong cooperation between the U.S. and Azerbaijan, Moringstar noted that both the states reached many joint successes.

"Over 20 years, the U.S. strongly supports the sovereignty and independence of Azerbaijan. We continue to work with Azerbaijan to promote the construction of a secure, prosperous and democratic society," continued Morningstar.

 He said he is proud to be the ambassador to Azerbaijan in the past two years.

 "Despite the fact that in our relations there were moments of ups and downs between the U.S. and Azerbaijan, there is a strong partnership, and I am convinced that it will intensify. The Secretary of State, Mr. Kerry a few weeks ago on the occasion of Independence Day of Azerbaijan, said the United States is committed to this relationship and to ensuring a bright future for all Azerbaijanis," he said.

In turn, on behalf of the Government of Azerbaijan Finance Minister Samir Sharifov said that between Azerbaijan and the United States there is relationship of sincere friendship and mutual aid in all areas.

"Azerbaijan attaches great importance to its relations with the United States. From this perspective, the development and expansion of relations between the two countries in political, economic and humanitarian spheres is gratifying," said Sharifov.

 Joint participation in Azerbaijan's contribution to global energy security, cooperation in combating terrorism and stabilization affairs in conflict zones have a positive influence on the development of bilateral ties.

Sharifov pointed to the growth of trade between the two countries, which in 2013 reached $ 1.4 billion.

"American companies are involved in large-scale investment projects in Azerbaijan and with the participation of Azerbaijan abroad," said Sharifov.

However, he pointed out that 47 percent of the Azerbaijan Oil Fund bonds have been purchased by U.S. companies.

However, Sharifov said that Azerbaijan hopes the United States as a country co-chair of the OSCE Minsk Group will make efforts to resolve the Karabakh conflict on the basis of international law. He said Azerbaijan welcomed Washington's position on the inadmissibility of the status quo.

"We will continue our joint efforts with the United States in global security and regional stability," said Sharifov.

He also pointed to the potential for the development of relations also in the field of tourism, culture and sports. -03D06 -


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