Baku / 11.11.19 / Turan: Over the past two or three days, more than a hundred members of the Musavat party have been called to the police, where pressure has been put on them. The police demanded that they refuse to participate in the protest rally on November 12 in front of the Baku Mayor's Office.

According to Mustafa Hajibeyli, the head of the Musavat press service, dozens of party activists in various cities of the country were called to the police on Monday November 11.

According to the spokesperson, the decision to hold an unauthorized rally remains in force.

The reason for the rally scheduled for November 12 at 3 pm is the refusal of the City Hall to authorize the Musavat rally in the city. The City Hall proposed to hold a rally in the village of Lokbatan, which is 20 km. from the capital.

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2019 November 09 (Saturday) 21:08:25

Musavat executives warned in connection with planned action

Baku / 09.11.19 / Turan: Representatives of the Musavat party were called on Saturday to the Baku Main Police Department (GUPGB), where they were warned of the inadmissibility of a picket in front of the capital’s Executive Power on November 12.

In particular, on November 9, Gulag Aslanli, the head of the Musavat apparatus, and three deputy chairmen of the party, Faraj Karimli, Sahavat Soltanli and Razim Amiraslanli, were called to the GUPGB.

Aslanli told Turan that at first the representatives of Musavat read out the Executive’s response about not coordinating the picket. Following this, they presented a warning letter to the Baku city prosecutor's office.

“For our part, we pointed out the illegality of the response of the Baku Executive Power. We drew attention to the fact that, according to Article 5 of the Law “On Freedom of Assembly”, rallies and pickets are of a notification nature, and not permissive, ”Aslanli said.

However, law enforcement officers insisted on the inadmissibility of an uncoordinated action.

They stated that otherwise all measures would be taken, including arrests. “They didn’t offer to sign a warning letter. But we refused to do this, ”Aslanli noted.

* Musavat rally was planned for November 10. However, the Baku Executive Power proposed that the party hold an action in the village of Lokbatan.

Musavat found this proposal unacceptable and announced that it would hold a rally on November 12 in front of the Executive in protest against a violation of freedom of assembly. — 06D--


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