The German Bundestag recognizes the events of 1915 as genocide of Armenians

Today despite strong political pressure from Turkey the members of the German Parliament voted for a resolution  on recognizing the Armenian Genocide in 1915, radio "Deutsche Welle" reported. The Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said earlier that a vote in the German Bundestag will be a test of friendship between the two allies, and urged deputies refuse to accept the "irrational" decision.

Co-chairman of the party "Union 90" / "Greens" Cem Özdemir in an interview with radio station NDR Info expressed the opinion that Germany bears some responsibility for the mass killings of Armenians 100 years ago. Imperial Germany was a "comrade-in-arms of the Ottoman Empire", the German military advisors while were there and fought shoulder to shoulder with the Ottomans, the German politician said, noting that the then German government has clearly instructed not to intervene in what was happening. "In this sense, we have a share of responsibility and have to admit it,"  said Özdemir. The leader of "Greens" stressed that the purpose of voting in the Bundestag has not to point to Turkey or  Turkish people living today in  Turkey. "They're just a little guilty as the Germans living today  in the Holocaust -02D-.

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