Who Is Threatening Fuad Gahramanli?

Baku / 23.03.20 / Turan: An activist of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan Fuad Gahramanli appealed to the Interior Minister and the Attorney General of Azerbaijan in connection with the threats he received.

In particular, he points to WhatsApp threatening messages demanding he should stop political activity and not publish posts on social networks. Otherwise, he is threatened with “grinding bones” and “bad obstacles”.

“At first I did not pay attention to it. But then the threats became long-lasting and therefore I decided to make this public and appeal to the heads of law enforcement agencies. I believe that there is a real threat to my life and therefore I demand that law enforcement take appropriate steps. Once again I declare that no threats and pressure will force me to abandon the struggle. Let those who are behind these dirty deeds know that I am ready to give my life in the struggle for the freedom and democratic future of the people and their threats are in vain,” Gahramanli wrote on his Facebook page.

Gahramanli published 4 phone numbers from which he received threats. According to the prefixes, two of them belong to the state of Minnesota, one each to Illinois and California.   — 06D-


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