Jamil Hasanli: provocation against me is since presidential elections

Chairman of the National Council of Democratic Forces (NCDF) Jamil Hasanli said about preparing provocations against him by the authorities. "My speech at the televised debates during the presidential election was an unpleasant surprise to the authorities, and since then prepares various things to get rid of me.  The talk is about the arrest and physical destruction, » Hasanli said in an interview with "Azadlig."

During the discussions in the presidential administration, some members of the administration have refused such offers understanding the seriousness of the consequences. However, the idea of ​​provocation against Hasanli and his family remains in force. The last "road accident", allegedly committed by his daughter, is one of them.

Hasanli’s daughter was under surveillance of the police and security services. "First, they wanted to find some incriminating evidence," inherent in their nature," but their hopes were not justified.

Since September 15, every day, she picks up the kids from school. Surveillance in front of our house was chosen on that day especially. On Friday, the road from the mosque "Ilahiyat" is always crowded and there are a lot of cars.

Hasanli said that statements of the Interior Ministry that his daughter concealed the fact of an accident were unfounded. However, it was not an accident; an elderly woman fell in front of the machine. However, the woman wanted just his daughter Gunel to take her to the hospital. A policeman also went to the hospital with them. Due to the fact that the woman was not damaged, the incident was not registered on that day. This topic was launched later on September 29 after the PPFA decided to hold a rally, and the NCDF supported the campaign. Just on September 29 Gunel was summoned to the police, and an accident was registered. After inspecting Gunel’s car they wanted let her go, but after a phone call from the top of the car was taken to the penalty area. Despite claims that the car there is no trace, the car still has not returned. Jamil Hasanli drew attention to the fact that before you accuse his daughter; she began to receive messages from unknown persons on the phone. Unknown people wrote to her that they saw how she hit by car an 86 year-old woman and tried to hide it, that Jamil Hasanli calls for law and objectivity, but his daughter made an accident, and is lying. All these messages are almost identical to the statement of the representative of the press service Interior Ministry Ehsan Zahidov,  said Hasanli. -06D-

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