Elshad Abdullayev about death squad in Azerbaijan


Disgraced Rector Elshad Abdullayev made a new appeal to the Azerbaijani media. He spoke about the details of his latest video, where he spoke with  representatives  of the Presidential Guard. E.Abdullayev insists that this man  is a senior official of the presidential guard. "The members of the death squad,  an organized criminal gang stealing people use the capabilities of the state. Latest video with a subordinate, General, Vagif Akhundov, chief of the special service, confirm it. It is clear that without the knowledge of Ramiz Mehdiyev and Vagif Akhundov  a security officer would not pay me a visit," Elshad Abdullayev told  the Azerbaijani media.

He also spoke about the identity of the second visitor: "The second man was Natick, he  is from  Goychay region, and he is also Vagif Akhundov’s officer, a colonel, formerly assistant  of Namik Abbasov, when he was chairman of the National Security Ministry (NSM.) Another member of the squad, Sahib, is  an officer of the 7th Department of the  NSM, he hails from Jalilabad region. Another member of the group, Yasser, is Nakhchivan, Major of the Group against organized crime of the Interior Ministry, in charge of financial affairs in kidnapping people. Shahin "Jalilabadsky" is  also "a state thief in law", the killer, he  lives in Jalilabad  region opposite the school. All of them are illegally carrying weapon. This  gang has a mutual cooperation with the currently prisoner, Arzu Kazimov. Together they  several  times organized my telephone conversations with Mahir. After those conversations I sent a letter to Interior Minister, Ramil Usubov, and  his Deputy, Zahid Dunyamaliev. After that the guards disappeared for a long time, even  their trace disappeared,"  according to the website www.haqqin.az

Elshad Abdullayev even previously  stated about the existence of death. squad  in Azerbaijan –0--

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