Fərman Ceyranlı

Fərman Ceyranlı

Baku / 23.02.18 / Turan: Lawyers of the Azerbaijani surgeon, founder of the Lancet Clinic, Farman Ceyranli, deprived of freedom by the Tbilisi City Court for a period of 6 years, appealed to the Court of Appeal of Georgia and demand to release Ceyranli, reported the daughter of the surgeon Lala Huseynli.

According to her, the lawyers of Ceyranli and his relatives consider the verdict to be illegal and unjustified. The appellate complaint emphasizes that the court in the consideration of the case incorrectly applied the laws. The verdict was issued in violation of substantive and procedural legal norms. While it is not known when exactly the complaint will be considered.

Against Ceyranly, who was arrested on May 22, charged under paragraph 1 of Article 247 (concealing information that threatens life and health), and subparagraph b of part 3 of Article 180 (attempted mass fraud.)

Ceyranli said that the charges brought against him were contrived and had nothing to do with him. He stated that his arrest was of a contract nature, he did not bear any legal responsibility for the actions indicated in the official charge. -0--

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