Açıq mənbələrdən foto.

Açıq mənbələrdən foto.

The fight against the Corona Virus, the incorrect calculation of additional money for health workers, the assignment of land owners to the list of employed people, as well as the fire in the Euro Home building materials market are the topics of today's media.

The newspaper Azerbaijan assesses the fight against the Corona Virus at the level of the country's leadership. The author cites excerpts from an interview with Ilham Aliyev on Mir, where he talks about preventive measures: closing borders, purchasing 23 laboratories and testing 160 thousand people.

 As a result, the country leaves the situation with minimal losses. For the victims of the pandemic, the state allocated a package of socio-economic assistance in the amount of $ 2 billion. First of all, it is provided to 700 thousand people, as well as micro entrepreneurs.

The Azadlıq.info website is discussing with experts the issue of incorrectly calculating the extra money for health workers allocated to them in connection with the pandemic. In March, health workers were paid an average of 60 manat - up to 30% of the lump sum. Experts note that the calculation is made on the basis of worked shifts, and not as an additional salary, although the head of state on March 18 signed a decree on periodic allowances to health workers directly involved in the fight against the Corona Virus in the amount of 3-5 salaries.

In March, more than 10 thousand health workers were involved in the fight against the Corona Virus. Additionally, they were paid 6 million manats, that is, an average of 60 manats per person. Experts believe that the Ministry of Health should report to the State Agency for Health Insurance.

The Müsavat.com website writes that land owners are considered to be a busy population, although this is unfair. Most experts believe that legislation should be amended. From the point of view of the international methodology, this approach is incorrect, experts say. The Law "On Employment" should be amended urgently.

The Oxu.az website writes about a fire in the Euro Home building materials market. The leader of this market, Samir Mammadov, claims that they are not guilty of the fire on May 11, since all the necessary standards were met. He believes that everything will be clarified during the investigation. The fire began from TIR Park, located behind the market. The market leader claims that all necessary fire precautions were taken.


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