Media Review May 14, 2019

The development of the regions and the non-oil sphere, an expert look at the exams of this year, and the rise in price of goods and products imported into the country are the leading topics of today's media.

The Azerbaijan newspaper writes that the strategy of regional development initiated by President Ilham Aliyev, as well as the development of the non-oil sector, continues to bring positive results.

First of all, this is the development of agriculture, dairy products, and vegetable growing. So last year, $ 177 million was raised from the export of tomatoes, $ 114 million from persimmon exports, $ 108 million from cotton and cotton products, $ 100 million from hazelnuts, and $ 38 million from apples.

The author notes that for the implementation of the IV state program it is planned to invest in the regions more than 17 billion manat, of which 13 billion manat will be invested by the public sector, and the remaining 4.5 billion manat - by the private sector.

The website writes about graduation and entrance exams this year. As expert Kamran Asadov notes, this year the final examinations for schoolchildren are taken as a basis, they were held last month, but their results have not yet been made public. According to the rules, at the first stage - final exams in the mother language, mathematics, and foreign language - the applicant must score a maximum of 300 points. At the second stage - entrance examinations, also in three subjects the applicant must score a maximum of 400 points. The total is 700 points.

The website writes about the problems in the work of entrepreneurs of the shopping centers Sadarak and Bina. Recently, the price of delivering goods from China, Russia and Turkey has greatly increased.

In China, entrepreneurs stated that the problems with cargo must be sought in the customs system of Azerbaijan. Experts believe that the backwardness of the customs system of the country leads to such difficulties.

The article provides a more detailed analysis of the activities of the customs authorities, in connection with which there are problems for entrepreneurs. For 25 years, problems with customs have not gone off the agenda, so it is necessary to review its activities. -0----

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