Member of the Democratic Party dismissed for participation in the rally

Baku / 06.10.17 / Turan: On Friday Khasrat Rustamov, the deputy of the Democratic Party, was dismissed from work for participation in the rally of the opposition on September 23. According to Rustamov, who worked at the station of Baku city ambulance for 5 years, the reason for dismissal is purely political.

According to him, after participating in the action of the National Council on September 23, pressure was put on him. "I did not think that pressure would be carried out at that level. My political activity was always in sight, I spoke in the media, but it never came to this," Rustamov said, noting that the head physician had been instructed" from above. "

According to him, at first they wanted to punish him, but they did not find any miscalculations. "Today, on October 6, I came to work - in the Third Department of the Baku City Emergency Station. However, I was not allowed to work, explaining this by order of the head physician about dismissal, but the order was not shown to me," Rustamov said. The ambulance station did not comment on the reasons for Rustamov's dismissal.

For participation in the rallies of the National Council on September 23, the functionaries of the Democratic Party Zakir Hasanov, Nureddin Ismail and Khasrat Rustamov were summoned to the police. -05B04-

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