Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Baku / 13.05.20 / Turan: Oil workers employed on SOCAR offshore platforms complain about not paying them overtime.

In an interview to “Radio Azadlig” they told that for 50 days they have been continuously working on platforms, receiving low pay. At the same time, even work in bad weather conditions is not taken into account.

Oil workers are also dissatisfied with poor living conditions. “We now have neither drinking water nor technical water for swimming,” said one of the oil workers. 

The press service of SOCAR denied what oilmen said. The state oil company said that under the quarantine regime, oil workers work on platforms according to the usual schedule.

Due to quarantine measures, certain restrictions have been imposed on arrivals and departures on platforms.

“If in normal times an employee works at sea for 15 days, then in the quarantine period this time was increased by several days. On platforms, the minimum number of employees has been left.

Elderly people or those at risk for health reasons were taken ashore. Those wishing to leave the platform for personal reasons are also being evacuated ashore.”

As for salary for inopportune time, it is increased under the law and is actually paid. If the oilman worked instead of the prescribed 176, 360 hours, then the salary is calculated in accordance with the actual time.

An extra charge of 40-70% is charged for each overtime hour, depending on the conditions. 

As they increase, so do taxes.

At the same time, salaries are also paid to oil workers who remain on land for forced downtime. SOCAR is ready to accept all proposals and comments of oil workers on improving working conditions, the source noted. — 21D-


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