Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Baku/26.05.20/Turan: On May 26, a group of activists tried to hold an action called: the rally “We demand war in Karabakh” in front of the Milli Majlis.

According to the protesters, they accuse the parliament that the deputies do not protect the interests of the country.

“Armenians declare Shusha the capital, and 99 deputies of our parliament agree to build a bridge from Iran to the occupied territories of Azerbaijan. Therefore, we are protesting,” said one of the participants.

Arriving at the police squad detained the protesters.

A member of the Musavat party, Ilgar Mahmud, was taken away in a police car. Another 11 protesters were put on a bus and taken to a police station. The rest of the protesters were removed from the rally.-0-

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