Press Review 01/15/16

The leading theme of the papers is protests in parts of the country due to the rise in price, as well as the reaction of the authorities and the opposition to these actions.

The official newspaper Azerbaijan, referring to the topic of protests in the country, calls it another anti-national adventure of the opposition. This newspaper does not believe that these actions are made by protesting people.

Azadlyg believes that the Aliyev team insulted the people, believing protesters are alcoholics, drug addicts and extremists.

Head of the Azerbaijan Popular Front Party Ali Kerimli said that the current government cannot find a way out of the crisis.

Commenting on the arrest of opposition leaders, the newspaper considers that the authorities thus try to hide popular protests from the world community.

The lawyer Muzaffar Bahish believes that the use of internal troops to suppress peaceful protests is unacceptable.

The historian Altai Geyushev considers it necessary to initiate reforms, otherwise the protest will intensify.

Express leads comments by MP Fazil Mustafa, who thinks way out of this situation is a dialogue between the opposition and the authorities.

Bizim Yol: The economist Gubad Ibadoglu, analyzing the situation in the regions, says the protests go where unemployment is 80-90%.

Yeni Musavat quotes the MP Tahir Suleymanov, claiming that protests in the regions are organized by the opposition. In response, the opposition claims that the cause of the protests is unemployment, hunger and bureaucratic arbitrariness. -0--

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