Press Review 01/30/14

Official and pro-government newspapers published laudatory material about the president and the government. The opposition and independent press writes about the tense situation on the front line, acts of self-immolation of Karabakh war veterans and the shortcomings in the country's economy.


Azadlig writes that the head of the State Committee for Refugees Ali Hasanov warns IDP about transparency in their resettlement process. He asks them to immediately report allegations of fraud .

The National Council will hold a hearing on the topic of European integration.

A Shemakhi resident warns that he will commit suicide in front of the presidential administration.

A resident of Masalli Gurbanali Velishev accuses the Mushvigabat mosque that his sons Seymour and Habib went to fight in Syria. Imam of the mosque Mubariz Gachay rejects the accusation , saying that their trip to Syria is irrelevant to the mosque.

Head of the EU Delegation in Baku Melan Mard said that currently there are negotiations between the EU and Azerbaijan to sign an agreement on strategic cooperation.

The imprisoned former leader of the national liberation movement in Azerbaijan Nemat Panahli had a nervous breakdown .

Education expert Etibar Aliyev raises serious problems in education.

In " Scary facts about sausage " he says that for its production in Azerbaijan they use donkey and horse meat .


Bizim Yol: Starring actors demand higher wages . 300 actors joined the action action for higher wages in social networks.

Most children born from civil marriages in Azerbaijan are undocumented . According to statistics, every year 8-9 children from every 1,000 are born in civil marriages.

SThe tate Commission on admissions reports that last year at the entrance exams, 45,000 students scored 0 points at least on one subject .

In the article "Oil country depends on imports of gasoline" the problems that led to the country 's oil imports are reported.

The car fleet of the country needs to be updated by solving the problem of congestion and limiting the import of large vehicles .

Azerbaijanis fighting in Syria may later become a problem for Azerbaijan , the article "Azerbaijan unites against the danger of terror" says. 

Yeni Musavat publishes an interview with Gulu Jafarov , a former teacher at the International University and a friend of Mahir Abdullayev who was kidnapped in 2003.

The newspaper published an interview with the historian scientist Nasiman Yagublu , which refers to activities Mamed Rasulzade in Turkey and his life in exile.

The interview with former head of the National Council Eldar Namazov tells about the problems within the National Assembly.

The newspaper continues to write about the dangerous situation at the front, arguing that there has been some role of Moscow.

Express writes about the situation in secondary schools, where even 11-grade students cannot write.

Over the past 20 years Azerbaijan had 807,853 students.

In 2013, in Azerbaijan 93 women were killed, three women were killed by their husbands, while 137 men and 114 women committed suicide.

In 2013, in Baku 1,880 people were poisoned by carbon monoxide. -0 -


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