Press Review 23/10/14

Official newspapers publish reports on the official receptions of Ilham Aliyevn and his visit to a sports complex in shotgun.



The father of the NIDA activist Rashadat Akhundov expressed dissatisfaction with the last presidential pardon, noting that it was necessary to release all activists. He urged the authorities to correct this error.

Experts believe that the establishment of a joint working group on human rights has been the recognition of the existence of political prisoners by official Baku.


Express reported about the arrest of three Azerbaijani poachers in the territorial waters of Kazakhstan in the Caspian Sea.


   Novoye Vremya considers the creation of a working group on political prisoners as a "government’s commitment to solve the problem of human rights."


Bizim Yol issued a forefront statement of the Ministry of Labor that the country will no longer increase pensions.


Yeni Musavat reported the creation of a working group on political prisoners and said that "the authorities are preparing for great pardon."

According to the newspaper, the parishioners of the mosque in the village Garachukhur, where Wahhabis are going, go to war in Syria.

Before the President Administration, there was a protesting rally of the defrauded investors of the construction company Hayan. -0

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